Utility Audit


The Utility Audit is a service that is available for all Commercial Customers and should be conducted every 4 to 5 years. Amazingly, 95% of the commercial customers either have never heard of this service or think that it has something to do with changing their current electricity contract.  The Utility Audit allows us to go backwards up to 4 years identifying any errors that could result in refunds going back to the customer. Most of the errors that are found are not just what we may find on the bill, but buried within the utility that are not visible to the customer. Since the responsibility of ensuring that the utility is correct is on the customer, without our risk-free service there is absolutely no way for a commercial customer to identify the errors.

Utility Audit Commissions
Commissions on all Utility Audit Services are on a contingency basis. We only get paid a percentage of any recovered refunds.
Audits can take 30, 60, 90, or even upwards of 120 days, so the process is not quick.

If errors are found, the refund is split 50/50 (50% going to the customer and 50% going to TruPowur to cover the cost of the auditors).
Agents and Brokers are paid 20% of the refunded amount.

050% of the Refund goes to the Customer
030% of the Refund goes to TruPowur to Cover Auditor costs
020% of the Refund goes to the Agent/Broker
100% Total Refund Amount

Services Available for Audit
Electric, Natural Gas, Water & Sewer, Waste Removal, Telecom & Wireless, Shipping & Freight, Financing, Cost Segregation, IT Hardware & Software, Property Tax Assessment, Merchant Processing Fees, Invoice Payment Processing, Location & Relocation Services, Payroll, 401(k) & 403(b), Health Insurance, Bank Fee (Treasury), Worker’s Comp Policy Premium, and ERC (Employee Retention Credit).