Solar Farm Script

Available for Residential & Commercial Customers

Good Morning (afternoon)
My name is __________ with TruPowur and the State Energy Choice Program of (their State).
Good day to you! (Respond politely and appropriately to the customer’s answer).

Just calling to let you know that there is a New Free Solar Program available in your area.
Has anyone from the Utility Company called you about this yet?

This program offers special incentives for customers to participate.

Here is what it offers:

  1. It cost absolutely zero out of your pocket and has No fees,
  2. There are no solar panels installed on your roof to maintain,
  3. Guaranteed savings for the next 20 years,
  4. And, you are not tied into any long-term contract – in fact, if you want, you can cancel the next day without any penalty and can go back to overpaying for your energy like you are now.

All while lowering emissions and bringing real savings to you and your community.
Now have them get a copy of their electric bill – begin the enrollment process.

Go to (Your 3-digit extension number)