Commercial Sales Cycle


  • PHASE 1 – From the CRM/DIALER – Contact Customer for an Electric Utility Audit (Using Script & Email Template).
  • PHASE 2 – Upon Receipt of the Utility Bill(s) from the customer, Submit it to the Auditors (Making sure to have the complete Bill in PDF Format).
  • PHASE 3 – Then Immediately enter the Customer & Electric Bill Info into the Pricing Platform to Generate a PROPOSAL, or for Larger Customers prepare the customer for a Reverse Auction/RFP/Custom Pricing.
  • PHASE 4 – Rename the Proposal PDF to Customer’s Business Name and send it to the Customer (Using CRM Email Template).
  • PHASE 5 – Then follow up with the customer to let them know that you received the Utility Bill safe and sound, that the Auditors are already underway, and that during the initial investigation, some additional savings were discovered. That you emailed them some information, when they have a chance, take a look at it and give you a call to go over the details. Upon review and agreement with the customer, click the correct SIGNUP Button.
  • PHASE 6 – After the new contract is CONFIRMED (Noted by the Supplier in your Back-Office), then contact the Customer to go over all of the extra Available Cost Centers that could potentially increase the amount of the refund and savings available on the TruPowur Utility Audit submit page.
  • PHASE 7 – Offer additional services, if applicable – Commercial Natural Gas, Residential Electric, Residential Natural Gas, Solar (Install or Farm), Power Factor Correction, LED Lighting, or any other available TruPowur Services.