Utility Audit Script

Available for Commercial Customers Only


Good Morning (afternoon), My name is __________ with TruPowur Auditing – Good Day To You!

I am calling in regard to the erroneous charges and billing discrepancies listed within your firm’s Utility.
My records indicate that you have not completed a full Utility Audit within the past 5 years.
Are you the person responsible for controlling costs? (if Not – then who is?)

We perform audits to provide you a refund on any billing discrepancies or errors dating back 36 to 48
months. Most customers are unaware that the majority of the errors are not listed on the Utility Bill,
but buried within the Utility, making it impossible for customers to detect.

The fact is, 70% of the time we find refundable errors and overcharges listed within the invoices, and
with customers being overcharged to the tune of 60 billion dollars per year, the refunds can be
substantial. Successful companies are always looking for ways to reduce their operating costs and
improve revenue. That is why it is so valuably important to conduct an audit every 5 years.

Here’s how the Audit works – I’m going to send you an email with my firm’s information along with
instructions to submit a copy of your most current electric bill. Our Auditors will conduct the audit at no
cost, we are only compensated if we obtain any refunds for you. Once the audit is complete, they will
report back to you with one of two outcomes:

  1. Congratulations! There are no errors, you have a clean bill of… or
  2. Here are the errors and the amount of the Refund, do you want to move forward?

I’ve never heard of anyone not wanting their money back, so that’s an easy decision.
I will also provide you with a list of references, case studies, and additional information brochures.
What is the best email address to send this to?



“We’re Not Interested or We’re Fine”
If you have an unknown problem and do nothing about it, it’s not going to resolve itself. Usually, the
problem will continue and increase. Given the Statute of Limitations, how long should you wait?

“Let Me Think About It”
Like you, I want you to do whatever is right for you and your company even if it means doing nothing.
Our audit is free of charge, with no loss, and is a no-risk proposition. Knowing the Statute of Limitations,
what information can I provide for you so that you are comfortable?