Residential Electric Script

Available for Residential & Commercial Customers

Good Morning (afternoon)
My name is __________, With TruPowur and the State Energy Choice Program of (their State).

I’m not sure if you are aware of it, but Rates in your area are at an all-time low, and our company is offering customers an amazing opportunity that you just can’t lose…
here it is…

Grab a copy of your electric bill, and if the rate on your bill is lower than what we have to offer, our company will give you 500 Dollars in Restaurant Cash.
If any of the rates we have are better than what you are currently paying, we would like for you to take advantage of them and save money.

But, either way, you WIN!

Grab a copy of your bill and let’s see what you have…
– I’ll hold

NOTE: If the customer gives you a lower rate, check to see if it is correct by Dividing the Total $___ of the Bill by the Total kWh Usage.
Example: Customer says that the bill reads that they are paying 7 cents per kWh. But, the customer is paying $300 per month for 2,000 kWh. That is not 7 cents, it is 15 cents.
Here’s How: $300 divided by 2000 kWh = $0.15