Supplier Commercial


The Commissions for Commercial Supplier Electric and Natural gas are set by each Agent or Broker by setting the Mils.
Mils control the amount of commission in the Pricing Platform. 5 Mils is set by default that can be changed from 0 Mils to 15 Mils.
Commissions are posted on the right side of the screen with Monthly Residual Annual Upfront, or Both (see example below).

Monthly Residual Commissions generally have higher payouts of 10% to 15% for Brokers.
Annual Upfront Commissions are paid each year on the anniversary date of the customer’s contract.
The selection of Monthly Residual or Annual Upfront Commissions is selected from contract to contract.
Click on More Details (shown in the image below) for any Upfront Payment Rules, Margin Split Rules, Margin Cap Rules, or Special Rules that may be set by the Supplier.

Commercial Electric & Natural Gas Commissions
Commissions are calculated by multiplying the Annual kWh times the Mils times the Agent or Broker percentage split.

If a Customer Uses 500,000 kWh per Year
x .005 (5 mils or ½ cents)
= $2,500 per Year in available commissions.

Agent Split of up to 50% = $1,250.00 per year.
Broker Split of up to 85% = $2,125.00 per year.

Broker Bonuses
Brokers can earn additional revenue by building a big book of business.
Book Values of $200,000+ earn 1% more in revenue.
Book Values of $400,000+ earn 2% more in revenue.
Book Values of $800,000+ earn 3% more in revenue.
Book Values of $1,200,000+ earn 5% more in revenue.

Payment Time
Deals that are Commissionable before the 1st are paid out on the week of the 15th.
Deals that are Commissionable before the 15th are paid out on the week of the 1st.
Reverse Auctions will delay the timing of a deal but can result in better rates for the customer.
Payouts are controlled by the Suppliers with all commissionable deals being paid out on the 1st and 15th of each month.
Some lags set by the Supplier will help reduce the potential of a customer defaulting and the Agent or Broker left with a Clawback.
TruPowur at its own discretion may advance commissions for seasoned Agents or Brokers that have a long history of solid deals.