Solar Install Script


Phase 1: Spark interest:

  • “Have you noticed your electricity bills going up the past few years?”
  • Virtually everyone will say “YES!”
  • Then you respond with “ME TOO!”

Phase 2: Introduce WHY you are asking…

  • “What are your thoughts about solar?”
  • “Have you ever looked into solar?”
  • Keep things CONVERSATIONAL… Listen to him/her whatever their beliefs are about solar. If they think it won’t work for them, refer to Homeowner FAQ.

Phase 3: Get into dialogue

  • “Did you know I’ve been working with someone who knows solar really well?
  • Basically, they just meet with homeowners to evaluate if solar is the right fit and able to save them money on their energy costs.
  • If solar didn’t cost anything additional, would you be open to saving thousands of dollars?”
    **Let them ANSWER

Phase 4: Get all information needed & Set up a Discovery Call

  • “The savings you will receive varies based on how much you are paying for electricity and how much you use on an annual basis.
    **(keep the conversation and tone casual)
  • In order to get that started, I just need a copy of a recent electric bill. Do you do online billing or do you get paper bills?
    Online: Perfect, do you know how to pull it up? You can just screenshot and send it to me right now while we’re talking about it. I’ll start filling in some other information to get the ball rolling here as well!
    Paper: Perfect, can I follow up later this evening to remind you to send that over to me?
  • Once we plug in your bill, there will probably be a few more questions before we present your solar savings report. Can we set up a quick follow-up call for __________?
    (Give two Time Options)?
    Great, what was your phone number? And your email address so I can send over information as we get it?