AutoPilot Bill Reduction


The AutoPilot Bill Reduction is a service that is available for all Residential and Commercial Customers.
You can upload every monthly bill that the customer has minus their Mortgage, Car Payment, or Credit Card.
We do not switch any of their services, so AutoPilot is great for those who just do not want to change anything, but want an opportunity to save.
Once the bills have been submitted, one of our negotiators will contact the customer with the results. Then they can opt-in to take advantage of the savings offered.

AutoPilot Commissions
Commissions on all AutoPilot Services are on a contingency basis. We only get paid a percentage of the savings.
Results take an average of 10 to 14 days and are available in all 50 U.S. States.

If savings are generated and the customer accepts the terms, the savings are split 50/50 (50% going to the customer and 50% going to TruPowur to cover the cost of the Negotiators).
Agents and Brokers are paid 20% of the savings amount.

050% of the Savings goes to the Customer
030% of the Savings goes to TruPowur to Cover Negotiator costs
020% of the Savings goes to the Agent/Broker
100% Total Savings Amount

Top 10 Common Areas for Savings with AutoPilot are:
Electricity, Natural Gas, Cell Phone, Trash, Internet, Satellite Radio, TV and Cable Bundle, Security, Pest Control, Water Delivery, and many other areas.